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*crosses fingers*

Supreme Court takes up same-sex marriage for first time

I sincerely hope the Supreme Court rules that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. I will be keeping my fingers crossed. This is long overdue.

I submit for consideration: "We the People..." not We the Straight People, We the People.


EEEEEE!! *flails about excitedly*

I just pre-ordered the Kindle Fire. I am very excited for this <3 I never pre-order technology (no matter how much I may want it XD) so I'm super nervous and ridiculously excited.

...is it Nov 15 yet? XD

And now I'll be able to take all the books I want with me wherever I go (hmm...I think I can download fic, too XD ) It's going to be shiny!

In the meantime, I need food.


Meme :)

Meme from myalchod.

→ Comment with "SHINY!"
→ I'll respond by asking you FIVE questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1) Of all the ridiculous crazy costumes on your pipe-dream list (not counting the ones you're actually working on), which would you most like to actually accomplish one day?
Um...does Court!Gyousou count? ^^;;; I mean, technically, I'm not working on him...yet. But I do have the fabric for him. So. Otherwise, probably Death <3

2) Favourite classical music (or opera, if you prefer) composer, and why?
Mahler! And I have to articulate this? ^^;;; The short and sweet answer is: have you listened to his sixth symphony? The longer answer to this is that there is just so much emotion packed into his music. You can almost picture what's happening in his music. You can relate to the music, almost as if his music has happened to you. I guess I just have this intense personal connection to his music.

3) If you were given a million dollars but could keep none of it for yourself, what would you do with it?
I'll assume that I couldn't buy things for myself with it either (cause a new car and a house, or even a trip to the moon or ISS would be awesome...) I'd give it to the symphony's permanent endowment fund so they can fund themselves off of the interest the million would earn.

4) You have one manga-ka at your mercy, and you can make them finish a series or write a sequel or prequel of your choice. Who is it, and what to they write you?
MINEKURA!!! *begs nicely for her to finish Blast* <3 Oh...am I obvious? ^^;;;

5) I really want to make you do the "usual suspects cosplaying anything you want" one again because it's fun, but that'd be cheating, so ... what is one thing you never had a chance to learn that you'd really want to?
How to fly <3 or rather, how to pilot the shuttle into space *smiles dreamily*
Ganked from lizardbeth_j for fun <3

Choose five fandoms without looking under the cut.

My Five fandoms:

1. Saiyuki
2. BSG
3. FMA
4. Star Trek
5. Sailor Moon

QuestionsCollapse )

Also, holy stinking long time since I've posted, Batman @_@ Need to get a bit better about that. ^^;;;

I did recently throw myself off a mountain on a bike <3 That's probably my best update XD
Via indelicateink referencing this site "Shit my Students Write"

Totally made my day:
"Sometimes, people are born with ambitious genitalia."

There are no words cause I'm laughing too hard. XD

Meme days 3-5

And hi! So already I skipped days and am now behind and playing catch up *g*

days 3-5Collapse )

Another Meme Whee~!

Meme via myalchod:
1. Comment with "SHINY".
2. I will give a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

Beware...I quoted... I was given the letter GCollapse )


Meme Day 2 <3

Day 2Collapse )

In other news: Thor is coming out this weekend *squee* I'm excited for it. I'm also going to be seeing Hop, which I've not seen any previews for, so know nothing about it, but the friend I'm seeing it with is excited to see it, so I'm looking forward to it.

Minakura Meme <3

So I'm going to attempt to do this 30 day meme that annachuu posted. Here we go! XD

Day 1Collapse )

In other news, got through Doggie Care OK XD Was dog sitting for the last week. Her dogs were both awesome and well-trained. Her neighbor dogs drove me crazy. I wish I'd had a mute button for the neighbor dogs. ^^;;;; I took her dogs for a couple walks, and while they tried to pull my arm off, they did really well and obeyed and were good for me. It was nice <3

auction fic stuffsCollapse )


Note to self: find "The Warlords" and "District 13: Ultimatum", and since the 2nd is a sequel, you probably want to find the first one as well. The previews for these looked interesting <3

Also, for more notes to self: make one of those cool emperor hat thingies with the dangly beads in the front and back. they're cool <3

It is really disconcerting to watch a chinese movie in chinese but all of the narration is in english. Just sayin' XD

In other news, I was sick this week and had to call in one of the days, but I still ended up working 40 hours. OT sucks hardcore and needs to end already. I did manage to get everything done except the mail this week, so that's good.

But enough of work whining XD

Symphony tonight YAY! Also symphony wed night <3 and hopefully sushi sometime this week XD


In light of the disaster in Japan, I'm going to offer to make scarves in exchange for a donation to any charity or relief fund for the Japanese earthquake/tsunami and nuclear emergency.

Let me know what colors you'd like as well as any yarn allergies you may have (such as wool is a no go for you so I know to find a cotton yarn) and I will make it and ship it to you for just the cost of your donation.

Post here what you would like in your scarf and the confirmation of your donation. You can email me your address through the LJ email system so you do not have to post your address for everyone to see.

Here are examples of previous scarves I've made: http://pics.livejournal.com/wk_recomend/gallery/00015hbr

I assume that there will be a charity auction that will go up for Japan as well (as it has for Haiti and Chile) and I will also offer there once I see it. (It may or may not yet be up, it wasn't up when I left this morning)

I will also offer drabbles (in the sense of short fics, not in the sense of 100 words exact) for a donation. Same policy and my fandoms are listed below.

Weiss Kruez
Star Trek (TOS or Reboot)
10th Kingdom
Bleach (though I will have to limit charas to the 3rd, 4th, 10th or 11th divisions)
Perfect Blue
RED (I'll TOTALLY give this a shot, because <3)

I would prefer to see a donation of at least $10 for a scarf, however, I'm not going to demand it. Donate what you feel comfortable with for either item. ^_^

EDIT: and I've found the Help_Japan auction whee~! (can I tell you how much fandom makes me wibble awesomely inside? *loves on fandom*) I've posted my first offering here: http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan/3721.html?view=470665#t470665 and the second offering here http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan/2978.html?view=508322#t508322

For myalchod


For ladyofshadow

for myalchod


Looking for requests

So. Been trying to work through some writer's block. And now I'm coming to you for help. ^_^

Comment with a prompt and I'll fill it. Any of my fandoms are fine. Any character(s) and pairing(s). I'll make it work XD

Weiss Kruez
Star Trek (TOS or Reboot)
10th Kingdom
Bleach (though I will have to limit charas to the 3rd, 4th, 10th or 11th divisions)
Perfect Blue
RED (I'll TOTALLY give this a shot, because <3)

So request away! XD

Pirate Radio

Oooookay...so if I was alive in the late 60s living in Brittan, I so TOTALLY would've been a pirate floating in the North Sea as a rock DJ <3

If you've not yet seen Pirate Radio, you totally should. It's an awesome movie with even more awesome music <3



May 2011 be an awesome year <3


Happy Holidays!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend - or just an extra fabulous long weekend <3

Decisions, decisions

So, made up my to do list of the things I want to bake and...yeah, think I'll do this next week XD

I've got 8 different things on it now (not counting variations) *g* I'm thinking now that I'll start baking next Sunday and then each night next week to bring in the whole haul to work on New Year's Eve (after filching what I want out of it, of course). Maybe, if I do it that way, I'll add stuff like sugar cookies and the such since I'll have the time <3

This week I'll be prepping the dishes I'm bringing for the holiday food menu, but maybe I can prep those earlier in the week and then start the baking before xmas, and that way, the few baked goods I want to bring a handful down to Mom's, I can do first.

Decision, decisions! :D