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7 June 1980
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So, this journal was supposed to be a recommendation list for Weiss Kreuz fanfiction, however, its sort of turned into a recommendation list for fanfiction -- not specific to Weiss Kreuz anymore -- as well as a place to talk about random stuff. ^_^

I recommend mainly Weiss Kreuz fanfiction, however, I'm also rec'ing Saiyuki, and random other fandoms, stories as well. (And don't worry, I try keep all of my random talking under lj cuts. ^_^ Try being the operative word....~_^)

Plus, this is the home of The List. Yeah, that one, the Comprehensive List of Everything Schuldig/Yohji. I update The List whenever I find a new S/Y story and post updates of The List. And, since I'm always on the lookout for more S/Y fics, if you know of one that I have missed, please drop a note in my lj and let me know where to find it. Thanks! ~_^

I hope you enjoy your stay here and enjoy the fics.